Building Process

The first steps to beginning your new project

Step 1


Initial Consultation, establishing whether the clients have existing plans or whether they require something designed. If the client already has the plans we’ll work through a scope of works (specific desired requirements the client wants in their project).

After this is determined a quotation on the project will be provided, however if the client needs a design/plan we can then organise for a consultation.

Initial consultation is of no charge.

Step 2

Design Concept

Initial design concept is in consultation with the client/building designer and either Grant Quee or Darren Martin, this enables the client to voice his or her opinions to our designer and with us in consultation we can make sure your ideas match your budget in regards to building costs.

There will be an initial sketch showing the intended project with this you can decide whether to proceed with architectural drawings to submit to the relative Council.

Step 3


Architectural drawings drawn up and submitted to Council, this expense can vary as each project is unique, however upon initial design concept we will have a quotation for the architectural plans required for Council.

A quote on the actual building will also be supplied and upon a agreement between the two (2) parties we would then enter into a law abiding Contract (we use the Department of Fair Trading approved Contracts).

Step 4


A 5% deposit on the total cost of the project is required prior to commencement on jobs over $20,000.00.

Progress payments at pre-nominated stages of the project will follow and a final payment on client satisfaction will complete our obligation.