Frequently Asked Questions

Common queries you may have when considering your next project.

How much would a new house/renovation this size (client’s idea) cost?

Upon determining a designated plan size the complete building costs can be very diverse.

Depending upon individual budgets this can range from approximately $1,200.00 per m2 to skies the limit, depending upon your own personal taste and inclusions.

I have a block of land that is 700m2, can I put a duplex on it?

Different areas/different Council’s all have their own rules and regulations in regards to these types of developments.  We can do some research for you in regards to this and come up with a desired option after that.

I want a house/ renovation done, but I haven’t got any plans drawn up, can you guys design and draw something up for me?

Most definitely, we want your building experience to be non stressful (the less people you are dealing with the less complicated your project is for you).  Upon initial consultation it is from here that we can see whether you want us to build from a plan you already have or whether you need something designed up and lodged with Council for approval.

If you are the later we have certain steps that we follow that are outlaid in our Design/Building Procedure section on our home page.  Please feel free to browse through.

How can I save money through an environmentally sustainable design/construction?

With electricity and water becoming alarmingly more expensive to purchase we have certain design procedures in place to eliminate “old school” wastage. For a detailed explanation of our green solutions and tips, see our GreenSmart Professional section.